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Broadband Connections

The Company who most commonly provides broadband service in Lake County is Comcast. This connection communicates through your cable TV or coaxial line. With speeds of up to 10 mbs (megabytes per second) this is the most desirable way to get online and who I currently am subscribed to. This connection is always on so make sure you have an effective Firewall, AntiSpyware, and Antivirus Software running at all times when your computer is on. A new study has determined that a pc can get infected in just 12 minutes after getting online. (According to a London based security company named Sophos).  The average price for cable or broadband is around 45.00 depending on the current promotions running at the time.



SBC or AT&T are the usual providers here. DSL is similar to broadband in that it is a connection that is always on, but uses the phone line instead of the cable line. But unlike Dialup, you can still use the telephone saving you from having to buy a second line or tying up the phone while you are using it. Price varies dependent on the speed you choose. Starting at around 12.99 for download speeds of 1.5 mbps and going up to as much as 34.99 after the promotion ends for the higher download speeds of up to 3.0 mbps (megabytes per second).



AOL, Earthlink, People Pc, Netzero just to name a few. The slowest but most common as well as the most economical way to go online. This connection unlike the two mentioned above, is not always on but does use the telephone line giving anyone who calls that number a busy signal. Usual prices stay right around the 10.00 range unless you go with America Online who tends to charge a little more at about 24.00 per month. To America Onlines defense, it is my experience that they have the best quality software and service to go along with their browser. I have personally been using AOL in one form or another since 1994

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